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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (10 of 24)

Here it is folks, the 10th puzzle and solution. The difficulty of the puzzle definitely increased today. The questions were vague and the answers required some finesse to get them worded in the correct form. For instance, I am certain most of you saw the first answer in the video, but weren’t exactly sure what shape or word properly described the object. For the second question, more than likely your first guess was water which would have been wrong, and by the third question you were probably just stumped and irritated.

A seemingly-important stone object is extracted from the ground by Silas.
What is its shape? Octagon

An interesting viewpoint is that vantage point from which we last see Silas.
What is the last thing we see him touch? Holy Water

During the action in the video, we see many things shattered and destroyed, but what is it that will ultimately be broken? Silence

I apologize for not being able to actively participate in today's challenge due to the circumstances mentioned earlier. I also want to apologize for closing the comments down to registered users only. Please do consider registering to continue participating in the commentary and sharing your solutions with other readers (it only takes a few seconds to register).

I also need to thank the loyal visitors who promptly stepped up and kindly submitted the answers for the puzzles. Specifically I want to thank mcian for providing the first two answers, and Nicholas Ramey for providing the answer to the third question shortly after my original post. Thanks Guys!!

If you are looking for more information on the Da Vinci Code Quest Challenge visit Google's Official Blog for more details.

Octagon? How is that thing octagon-shaped? Grrr.
how are we suppose to know it is holy water? You can tell it is octagon by counting the sides.
You can see that he is in a church if you pause the movie when he touches the water.
The object he pulls out of the ground is not an octogon. An octogon has 8 sides, the thing Silas pulls out has 8 points. It should be an octogram.

Even then I was sure it was some sort of reference to a Compass Star, also 8 pointed.

thanks for the help
I didn't even notice the reflection. I got it because he's clearly crossing himself as it fades to black, after touching the water: ie holy water. That being said, my first guess wasn't right. It rejected holy water, as well as benétier and aspersorium - it accepted 'font' (ie the vessel, not the water).
Thanks for your post. I have really bad ears. Somehow I heard "The CIPHERs will be broken" instead of the silence. aghh...

I also realized that Google varied the last question a little bit for everyone. The answers to previous problems were not like mine.

Thanks anyway.
The answer for no 2 can also be font.

And I agree that no 1 should be Octagram not Octagon.
I guessed the first one easily... It was a matter of translation only - I'm not that good in English... Yes, it's not much of an octagon... but it is eventually...
Octagram? I agree... maybe the author meant that curves are slightly visible... okay, doesn't really matter, it's guessed easily. P.S. And it's a 3D octagon BTW :)

The second question... Oh God... that was hard... I wrote water, liquid, everything... Thanks for the correct answer. I haven't finished reading the book yet, so I didn't know...

The third one... Well, every time while I've repeated the video I've kept hearing "SILAS"... Well, it really was silence...
This puzzle was the lamest so far. The shape of the object does not have eight sides -- it has eight points with connecting arcs! My second clue talks about the last thing Silas touches, which in the video is his forehead after he touches the holy water in the font. As for the last clue, I had no chance. I had to listen to the video muted because I was at work!
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More Solutions and Commentary on the Da Vinci Code Quest and Google Related Content


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