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Friday, April 28, 2006

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The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (12 of 24)

Everyone did a great job with the puzzle today, and a few of you were able to solve the puzzle before I could. Congrats to Steve who was the first to officially post the solution including a screenshot! This geography challenge was a fun challenge today that included a game of Where’s is Waldo at the end. After you put the puzzle pieces together you will see a satellite view of ...? Rome

And for the Where’s Waldo (The Greek Cross) part check out the tip of that big red arrow. Well we are officially half way through the Da Vinci Code Quest Challenge. For those of you who are concerned that you won't win a prize because we are giving away freebies, have no fears.

I anticipate everyone making it to the 23rd challenge without a problem. We have already discussed that the puzzles are not intended to be terribly difficult. Sony wants to keep people interested in the movie, remember this is ultimately a marketing technique. I will not post my answer to the 24th puzzle until after the contest is over.

See everyone tomorrow same time, same place, same game.


Yesterday I did a little trash talking in a comment on my last post. I realized after reading the comment that some of you may have taken it the wrong way. If so, please accept my apology. My intention was simply to give you a little extra challenge.

The extra challenge is to see who can come up with the answer the quickest. Now if you can't get to the puzzle right at 1 PM you can still participate in this challenge (but no cheating). Just leave your solution and the time it took you to solve the puzzle in a comment and we'll see who was able to come up with the solution to the geography challenge the quickest.

Also, another Da Vinci Code related puzzle was brought to my attention yesterday (see the comments on my last post). But, unfortunately that puzzle has already been solved (see the comments on my last post).

If you find an interesting puzzle/challenge for GoogleFact readers, feel free to leave a comment to that accord. Also, if you need extra help on any of the puzzles or you have a question you can contact me at davincicodequest@gmail.com.

If you are looking for more information on the Da Vinci Code Quest Challenge visit Google's Official Blog for more details.

Well, thanks for the solution...

It really helped me this time.
The quest was lame, and I was even more lame... Rome - that was guessed easily because of "Eternal city", though I typed Venezia at my first try - well, venezia in the name of the palace... more remarkable.

With the second part - huge problems. But you can call me a member of Priorath Sion: I've found a damn collection of Greek crosses in streets of Rome, until I got here and looked under the arrow... The DAMNED GREEK CROSS was a painted symbol on the map, which doesn't really exist :( I wanted to kill the authors of this quest... Well, at least I know 2 or more greek-cross shaped places in Rome... Really greek crosses, not just road crosses. Really wide at their ends. Well, thanks for the solution... How many crosses I'd find without it... :)
And... GF, what numbers? I didn't see any numbers in the riddle...
This was pretty easy. I actually came across this blog after I'd solved it. I simply used Google maps. Google'd for the location, then switched to satelite view. Bingo!
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More Solutions and Commentary on the Da Vinci Code Quest and Google Related Content


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