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Sunday, April 23, 2006

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The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (7 of 24)

One full week of puzzles will be completed today from the Google Da Vinci Code Quest. I have a meeting today from 1 p.m. until 2 p.m. and so I unfortunately will not have the solution until a little later in the day, but check in today around mid afternoon. Take a moment if you would like, to help spread the word by digging GoogleFact for the Da Vinci Code Quest Solutions, and thanks again for stopping by. If you need more information about the Code Quest visit Google's Official blog.

Update - O.K. I can see everybody is anxiously awaiting today's solution. Here it goes. Today's puzzle the 7th of 24 is another symbols/suduko puzzle, how disappointing. I was afraid that Google was going to think outside the box and create a different type of symbol challenge. But hey, if you need to generate a lot of puzzles in a short period of time, just change the dimensions of a suduko puzzle 4 times right? Enough about that though, lets get to the solution.

And the question after, "How many atmospheres are in are in 2175 psi?" 148. Today's challenge emphasizes the point that there are in fact 12,358 puzzle variations. So my puzzle will not necessarily be your puzzle, but it is great to see other folks commenting on these posts with their solutions.

Here is a tip for the suduko challenges if you are struggling with them. Don't guess if a particular symbol goes in a square until you absolutely have to (in my puzzle I never did). Use the restrictions that the starting pieces impose to fill in the surrounding squares and with each new piece that you fill, you will be left with fewer choices to make.

I also feel the need to comment on why I am publishing these solutions (again).

1. There are people who may not have flash and hence cannot do the challenges. I want them to still be able to learn from and enjoy the experience.

2. The information that I am giving out is freely available on the Internet already. Sure I am saving people time from having to dig through Google search results, but last time I checked people didn't mind saving time.

3. I am not actually giving out entire solutions. There are many variations to each day's puzzle and I am simply publishing my particular solution, which will probably be different from yours, unless of course you keep requesting a new puzzle until you get the same puzzle. By the way, I expect as the puzzles increase in difficulty, the number of variations in the puzzle will also increase.

4. For the simple purpose of historical documentation. Someday somebody will want to tell their kid about this great challenge Google made with 24 puzzles and how they one the Grand Prize. Their kid will ask, well what kind of puzzles were they, and now that person (which won't by the way be me) can look back and reflect on that experience.

i found this to be interesting considering i didn't even have a clue you had this site up. i've been doing the DaVinci quests as well, and i like how you've been helping those seeking it. though, i noticed i didn't receive the same question as you.

my question was "What is 250.0000001 divided by the fine-structure constant approximately?" with a little help from wikipedia, i was able to come up with the answer: 34258.999791203599911000000000648 or


i offer this if in the event some received the same question as i, and was in need of a solution

Thanks for the comment. This is what I created the site for. There will be alot of variations in puzzles because therea are actually 12,358 different puzzles. Thanks for offering your solution.
I also did not recieve the same question. My question is, How many watts are there in 16453 Horsepower. I came up with there are 746 watts in 1 Horse power, but when I multiply 746 by 16453 I come up with 12273938 and when I enter this in the answer box, it tells me I am wrong, can anyone give me any help here?
My question - What is pi percent of the speed of sound at sea level in miles per hour? Answer = 24
What is 35813 hertz in becquerels?

GWS : 35 813 hertz = 35 813 becquerels
What is 35813 hertz in becquerels?

GWS : 35 813 hertz = 35 813 becquerels
How many slugs in 11,260,917 grains? = 50.
I just typed the question into google and the answer came up! very easy ;)
I can't believe these were almost 10 years ago. I'm glad I got a cryptex though.
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More Solutions and Commentary on the Da Vinci Code Quest and Google Related Content


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