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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (9 of 24)

O.K.. I know I am late today (again), I had another lunch meeting (Yes I do have a day job). So I'll make this short and sweet and possibly do an update with some more information in a few minutes. Is anybody bored with these puzzles?

Coming from Google I was expected a highly academic challenge. Looks like instead Sony has turned this into a big marketing campaign. Why am I even supporting something from sony? Aren't they the ones who installed rootkits on all of our computers? Alright, enough about that, here is what you came to see.

My question after I hung the paintings was, "What month was Jean Cocteau born in?" And my answer was July. See this link. Please share your questions and solutions in the comments for others.

If you are looking for more information on the Da Vinci Code Quest Challenge visit Google's Official Blog for more details. Also visit http://googlefact.blogspot.com for additional solutions and comments.

My set of paintings was different.

Q: What month was Mont Blanc's first ascent?

A: August
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My set was also different... can't remember the question, though... And it wasn't about months, that's what I'm sure of.
My question was what month was Galelio born in and the answer is February.
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More Solutions and Commentary on the Da Vinci Code Quest and Google Related Content


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