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Monday, May 01, 2006

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The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (15 of 24)

Another easy challenge from Google and Sony. For those of you wondering, yes I did finish some time ago, but blogger wouldn't let me upload an image right (among other problems I have been having with blogger). For some reason, especially around 1 PM, I have a lot of trouble making blogger work for me. So I just went ahead and hosted the image off of my webserver, what a pain.

Well I thought Google was going to make these challenges more difficult but apparently I was wrong. So, to make up for the lack of difficulty, I have another fun, but more difficult, challenge for everyone. First let me post my solution for today's puzzle.

See http://googlefact.blogspot.com for image to this post.

My question after I created my masterpiece was, "Translate light to french". I used http://www.googlefact.com/examples/sms.html and typed in the search box "translate light from english to french" to get 'light' in English means 'lumiere' in French.

My side challenge that I mentioned above is the following. Back in March Google acquired Last Software and their flagship product SketchUp. SketchUp is a neat little 3D modeling tool that is very powerful, yet very simple to use. Google recently made a free version available to the general public (see this post for more details). My challenge is to see who can create the best 3D model of their current living quarters using SketchUp. So get your creative juices flowing, download this free software from Google (you won't regret it), and let's see some 3D buildings.

I will create a new post over the next few days where you can leave a link to your image. Or if you email them to davincicodequest@gmail.com I will host them for you (don't worry I won't give away any of your personal information or post your email address).


Submit your solution for puzzle 15 in the comments to this post. I look forward to seeing who can solve this challenge the fastest. I also have another side challenge coming up for all of you today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

If you are looking for more information on the Da Vinci Code Quest Challenge visit Google's Official Blog for more details.

Finished w/o too much trouble. The puzzle really wasn't any more complicated than last week's. My question was to translate knight to Italian.
I thought that yesterday's restoration challenge actually WAS much more difficult than previous restoration challenges. In all others, I'd gotten them on the first attempt, but Day 14's took many, many attempts to get it just right - probably 4-5 minutes.
I've got to translate keystone to italian.
I've tried the link, and, keystone SHOULD be "chiave di volta", but it says that's incorrect.

Any solution? :(
Try another puzzle. Another user had this ssame issue. I am thinking it is an error on Google's part. I am sure there is a solution to it, but its not the obvious one.

tried it again, and this time asked for "rebirth" to french.

we'll see if google solve this isue...

thanks g00glefact :)
My question was translate man into italian = uomo

If you are having trouble with translations try this site http://babelfish.altavista.com

Of course the idea is to show everyone what features google has but this makes it easier.

Good Luck!
finished just fine, had to translate "crutch" in French to bequille
had to translate "crutch" in French to bequille
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More Solutions and Commentary on the Da Vinci Code Quest and Google Related Content


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