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Thursday, May 04, 2006

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The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (18 of 24)

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Who will be the first to finish today's challenge?

Now I will make two predictions. First, I won't be the quickest to finish today's challenge. Second, in the near future Google will annouce that they will have a new service http://magazines.google.com. Those are my predictions for this, the 4th day of May, in the year 2000 and 6.

Post your solution to today's Geography challenge in the comments below this post.

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imperial college
oh, and i sent you a bmp of where the blades are
london imperial college
2. imperial college
I can't find the 4 blades. There is one at 9:00, one at 7:00, one at 5:00 and I can't find the fourth one. Help?/
Same here, the rest are easy, the last one is impossible!!!
look the top 1:00
Got it!! so it was the obvious one - except I clicked in the middle of the wehite patch doh!! Would have had it done much sooner If I was actually lucky.
Bit harder today don't ya think!
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This helped Bigtime. I had found the blades and everything but I couldn't figure out where the lines crossed. How did you figure it out?... Just for future reference.
searched for "Victoria and Albert Museum london" in google maps.

url : http://tinyurl.com/kmn72
I did that but I couldn't figure out exactly what to look at or how to find out what it was once I got there.
Ann, here's what I did. First, I found a HiRes map of London (I used multimap.com). Once I found the Victoria and Albert Museum, I set to highest res and looked north. The only two candidates I found were the Goethe Institute and Imperial College. Naturally, I picked the wrong one first... :-)
Of course that's alway the way it goes! I guess my biggest problem was I couldn't really tell exactly where the lines crossed. The pic was too small.
I'm somewhat confused as to why people are posting answers to the questions the day of. Isn't the point of this so called Quest for the select few to be awarded (through their own hard work) the opportunity to compete for the main prize.
shouldn't answers be on googlefact.blogspot.com?

Anyways, if you guys like this, i suggest godtower.com. Da Vinci code quest's nothing compared to that.
Factor: I've seen your question asked a number of times, here's my response: The creators of this quest certainly realize that collusion is a given considering the medium and the prizes offered. but realistically, there is only going to be one winner - of probably millions of participants. So our individual chances of winning are not much better than a lottery. SO these blogs give a chance to commune and commisserate, (and even show off a little... :-). The final challenge will be difficult and time-pressed enough, I'm guessing, that the grand prize will be taken by some closetted savant with degrees in astrophysics and philosophy, who will solve it in 6 nanoseconds... :-) Best we can all do is relax and have fun... :-)
I've posted an image of the 4 blades if anyone is still stuck.
I found the Imperial College quite easily using Google Maps (once I figured out how to use it properly that is). I found London on the satellite map, then clicked to change it to an ordinary map. The Imperial College was the only named place in the right area. Voila!
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More Solutions and Commentary on the Da Vinci Code Quest and Google Related Content


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